Saturday, March 23, 2013

Homesteading Giveaway Saturday

Welcome to the homesteading giveaway link up!  Recently I was surfing around looking for a specific homestead related giveaway and couldn't find what I was looking for.  I decided to create this weekly homesteading giveaway link up to help people promote their giveaways and to help others find these great giveaways.  I'm starting this as a weekly link up, but will change it to monthly if that seems to work best. It's still on a trial - so let's see how it goes.  Help me out by sharing or linking up giveaways you know about.

Here's how it works:

  • Link up only homestead-related giveaways: this can include simple living, parenting, green giveaways, gardening, animal related, crafting or cooking.  Other giveaways or non-giveaway posts will be deleted. 
  • When listing your own giveaway, Please follow the Backyard Farming Connection via email, Facebook, or twitter and link back to me somewhere on your blog or post.  I'm not checking up - so this is an honor thing!
  • When listing your giveaway be as specific as possible, and make sure you list the end date of the giveaway - any post without a giveaway will be deleted
  • I will post the link up each Saturday, but the posts will remain up for a month in order to capture longer giveaways
At times I will feature giveaways in the top portion of the post - if you are interested in being featured, please email me directly at gstuppycarlson AT gmail DOT com.  Use the email title: promotion feature.  I am very selective on the giveaways I feature and generally only feature giveaways that are for a good cause.

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