The Homestead Resource Guide Link Up

There are so many fantastic blogs out there with a wealth of first-hand knowledge about starting and maintaining your own homestead, but sometimes it is so hard to know where to start looking. I invite you to share your best posts here.  These resource guides will appear as permanent posts on my animal, homeskills, and gardening pages for people to find and learn more about raising animals, gardening, and other homestead related topics by visiting your blog or other wonderful sites.  At any time you can visit this page and add more posts or check what others are up to, and I will constantly be featuring fabulous post on my site.

Periodically I will post a new topic, but you can always add your posts whenever you want.

Here are the rules:
  • You may post up to 10 of your best posts for each link up, so dig into your archives and find your very best. You may link up as many other posts as you like.
  • Please only links about the specific topic: no other link-ups, giveaways, or things for sale.  To keep the posts high quality, if your post is not directly relevant to the topic, it will be deleted. 
  • Please enter the direct link to your post, not a link to your homepage. 
  • Please follow the Backyard FarmingConnection  to keep up on current features and additional Resource Guide Link Ups.  Although not required, we would love you to link back to us somewhere on your blog with a hyperlink or a button.  Also - please share this link up somehow, you can pin it, post it, email a friend or whatever - but bringing traffic to this will bring traffic to you, so help out! 
  • By linking up you are giving the Backyard Farming Connection permission to feature your post and photos on the blog, pinterest and Facebook.  
Here are the Homestead Resource Guides Link-Ups - check back for more soon!


Ducks and Geese
Alpaca and Llama
Other Backyard Birds: quail, peafowl, guinea hens, pheasants, etc


Other Homesteading Skills (if it doesn't fit elsewhere!)

Gardening and Recipe Link Ups

Please note that there are SEPARATE Recipe link ups under each category. Please try to add value to these categories by bringing interesting new ideas to the table on ways to preserve and cook with these ingredients.

Please only submit recipes that you have tested and can recommend.
Pick the most relevant ingredient and please submit a recipe to only one ingredient’s link up lists. If it is an equal split between two ingredients it may be submitted to a max of two lists (ex: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie)

Examples of great entries: How To Can Squash: Winter and Summer, Pickled Banana Peppers, or Smothered Tomatillo Pork Burritos
Examples of poor entries: Check Out Our Harvest!, I Found This Recipe On Pinterest But Haven’t Tried It Yet, etc.


  1. Hi just found your blog, Love it. Im just really getting started raising St. Croix hair sheep, and i have alot to learn. So this link up sounds great. Searching for others that linked, to this. Thanks, Sheryl

  2. Gretchen, this is a great idea!! We've been enjoying your Backyard Farming Connection Hop but just discovered this animal-specific linky. --Marie at Rural Living Today

  3. Where is the link for quail? I have an article to post. I love these forever link-ups and have learned so much from the other authors. Thanks!

  4. What a great idea, thanks for hosting! I'll have to see what I can share!

  5. Oops! I put a couple posts in the wrong spot before I realized you had more specific animal links over here. Sorry about that!

  6. You have a great blog here. I’m happy to see more people starting backyard farming. I have a blog as well if you would like to check it out. It has tips for upcoming backyard farmers on raising rabbits, maintaining your yard etc.. Please check it out. Thank you, and you have a wonderful blog here!


    Here is the link for my blog ^^^^

  7. Great information on this site, thank you! I am not yet established enough to have much information to offer, but I hope as our farm grows so will my blog. Thank you for all your resources!