The Backyard Farming Connection is designed as a space to collaborate, educate, and inspire interest in backyard farming.  Here are two ways you can contribute directly to The Backyard Farming Connection: by submitting an article for the seasonal magazine, or by submitting a post for the blog. Below are submission details.  Please don't hesitate to email questions to gstuppycarlson @

Submission Guidelines for blog posts

  • blog posts should be submitted by email to gstuppycarlson @ and should be labelled 'BYF blog post submission'
  • posts may contain up to 10 photos - photos may be re-sized to fit.
  • Anyone can submit a blog post, you do not need to be a blogger.  If you are a blogger, please include a link to your blog so I can link back to you.
  • Blog posts must be between 200 and 800 words.
  • When selecting a topic, please choose something that has not been discussed here before, but is related to backyard farming.
  •  After 30 days, you may change the post wording and post on your own blog.
  • With your post, please include a brief write up describing who you are and include a photo (optional)
  • All text and photos must be yours or used with permission. 


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