Welcome to the Backyard Farming Connection.  This space is designed as a place to connect with other people engaged in backyard farming.  Backyard farming, homesteading, hobby farming, or whatever you choose to call it is a growing way of life for many people.  These are people choosing to live closer to the earth through gardening, farming, cooking, crafting, and appreciating the everyday things we do.  This site is a collective place to learn, inspire and reach out to others traveling a similar journey.

At the Backyard Farming Connection there are so many ways to connect with others.Find out how to share posts, photos, links, ideas, and your experience.

You can contact me at: gstuppycarlson AT gmail DOT com

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Who I am

My name is Gretchen and I live in coastal NH with my three young children and my best friend (and husband) on an emerging 5 acre backyard farm.  Like so many people, we are making the move to live closer to the earth, to think about where our food and belongings come from, to regain homesteading skills, and to strengthen the family connection through farming.  When I'm not chasing after my children, I'm often found in our pasture visiting the animals, weeding the never ending horsetail in my gardens, or impulsively beginning a new outdoor project.  Join me as I dig deeper into the ideas, knowledge, and skills of the homesteader and share them with you here in this space.  I look forward to sharing this space with you!

You can contact me at: gstuppycarlson AT gmail DOT com


To hear more about our family and how we spend our days, visit our blog at Simple and Joyful Living 


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  1. Gretchen, Love Your Posts!
    I would like to be included in your list of Backyard Farming Blogs and looked for a place to e-mail you, and I determined this must be the place. I have a new blog called "making our sustainable life" and would like to be included in your list. I am very new to this and am trying to figure out as much as I can, but at this point I am confused as to what a "grab my button" is, and also a "blog hop". It would be wonderful if you could give a tutorial blog on this. All of us newbies out here that are not using a professional webmaster would really appreciate any help someone like yourself can give to us! Thanks again, vickie.

  2. Dittos, Vickie. I just started my blog January 1st and I'm not tech savvy. I would love to participate here! My blog is called Sanctuary Gardener, and I share what I'm learning and doing in my back yard garden - gardening tips, info, recipes, what NOT to do, etc. But I don't understand much about web jargon and how to do things online - unless someone explains it. I would love to connect here. This is a great site!! ~Rosemarie

  3. I would like to read one of the ebooks, but I am already a subscriber, cannt see how.....

    1. Email me directly and I can help you out! gstuppycarlson AT gmail DOT com

  4. Gretchen, hi! I am in total awe of your website and am so excited to explore more. I just subscribed by email, and I've downloaded the two ebooks — I cannot wait to start reading them. My husband (Ben) and I have been wanting to take steps toward growing our own food, raising a few animals, being more self sufficient, etc, and we just haven't dedicated the time yet to get these things going, but your site is inspiring me to start. Thank you! I have been jumping from post to post — so much to see — but before I start building my pvc hoop house, I'm going to build that wood-ball mobile. I absolutely love it, and I know my 5-month old will, too. I will report back! By the way, this is Ali Stafford from Niskayuna — you took a few boxes off my hands before you moved away. Hope all is well!

  5. Hi Gretchen - The Backyard Farming Connection is one of my Top 10 Homesteading Blogs:) You can see the article here: http://www.homesteadmania.com/top-10-homesteading-blogs/

    - Jennifer

  6. Hi Gretchen! I had a quick question about your blog and was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks! - Cam

  7. Hi Gretchen! I would love to know what those great blue flowers are in the post today about your Mom's garden. They are stunning! Paula Johnson, Hinckley IL