Friday, October 10, 2014

Garden Update

It looks like this will be the last garden update of the year.  Not that there aren't still things growing out there and the gardens are most definitely NOT put to bed for the winter, but now the work is turning away from this year's garden and we're planning and thinking ahead already to next year.  Pathways are getting reworked, mulch and compost is being laid down, and hopefully this week we'll get the garlic in the ground.

As I wrap up the gardening year on here, I'm left with these thoughts:

  • Pumpkins are great, but we probably don't need 60 pie pumpkins for our family (maybe a few other kinds would be fun to grow
  • Kale is wonderful and magical, but a few plants will take you through the year!
  • Plant cilantro continuously throughout the year, especially so there is plenty when the tomatoes are ripe
  • We don't eat radishes, no matter how many we grow, we still don't eat them
  • Carrots, potatoes, parsnips - we never seem to have enough - next year's garden has a huge are for potatoes!
  • Plant LESS zucchini - a few plants will be plenty for the year
  • Remember in the early summer when all those wee little plants are struggling, that someday (very soon) they will be big, so don't over plant!  As simple as it is to stick a few more seeds in the ground, don't do it!
 What lessons have you learned this year in the garden?

How's your garden growing?

Each Friday I share photos from our garden with an update about what we're doing, what's growing, and what we're eating.  I invite you to come play along, I love seeing what others are trying.  You can join the fun in 2 ways:

  • If you blog, I welcome you to write a post or share a post from that week about what's growing in your garden 
  • If you aren't a blogger, I invite you to join my gardening flickr group and share photos of your garden from this week
  • And last - if you don't want to blog or share photos, just follow along and check out all the links and photos and maybe share a comment with your own gardening experience from the week

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    1. Your garden still looks lovely! I adore those brussels sprouts! Enjoy the fall bounty!