Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shearing a Llama

 Today we finally got Cocoa his summer haircut!  After seeing animals sheared several times and shearing our own goats, I thought I knew what was coming, but this was a whole different ball of wax.

We started off getting the llama in the barn and all brushed up.

This morning Mariacher Shearing Services showed up to to take care of the llama.  It was amazing to see someone who has handled thousands of animals work on Cocoa.  Where I am still slow and tentative, he handled him smoothly and confidently.

He started off trying to shear him standing up, but we quickly realized that wasn't going to work with the amount of squirming, bucking and craziness coming from Cocoa.

It didn't take long to get the llama on the ground and secured with his front and back legs.

(don't forget to check out the cheering squad)

Once Cocoa was down, it only took a couple minutes to get him sheared and trimmed up.

He was so excited to get outside again.

It took the goats a few minutes to realize that he was the same animal they knew.

 Now I have a lovely pile of fiber to play with!

Here's the before and after shot!

(thanks to Emily for the photos!)


  1. OMG a naked llama!
    I have been following your blogs for about 2 years now I didn´t even knew you had a llama. How could I missed that?
    Keep posting more about the farm... it´s great inspiration for us

    1. The llama only joined us about 2 months ago - so it was easy to miss!

  2. HE'S AWESOME!!! Can't imagine that he doesn't feel better with no hair in this heat! :)

  3. I can't stop laughing at the before and after shot!