Friday, June 20, 2014

Garden Update

 The garden is at that lovely stage where some plants are starting to produce and get bigger by the day, yet it isn't too late to fill in the gaps with seeds in time for them to grow this year.  Today I snuck in a few extra squash seeds between the corn and the edges of the garden, and rounded out some rows with beets.  Since the main garden at our house is really a flattened compost/manure pile that has sat for a few years, the plants seem to be growing at a rapid pace and weeds seem to go from barely there to ginormous in just a few days. 

This year my garden helpers seem a bit more interested in tending their own gardens then helping mama in her garden.  Most of the plants have been dug and replanted several times, but they seem to manage to grow despite all the extra love!

How's your garden growing?


  1. Your garden looks wonderful! And what a great helper you have.

  2. Love your nice, neat rows! Enjoy!

  3. Great set up you have with the chickens. I really need to hook up something like that.