Friday, August 9, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I'm a little short on photos this week (camera issues).

The biggest exciting news around here is that we got our first ripe tomato. There is simply nothing better that the first one of the season, and if we stop goggling over it, we may even decide the best way to eat it - I'm thinking we'll just slice it and divide it up.

Along with the success of our impending tomato harvest, we've had a few flops this year: including most of our squash (which succumbed to vine borers) and all of our onions (which rotted in the ground).

The one thing that is looking absolutely fabulous this year is our compost!  After many layers of 'stuff' and turning, we finally have an entire load of yummy gorgeous compost ready for spreading.  I am feeling a bit torn about leaving it behind when we move, but somehow loading a cubic yard of compost into the moving truck feels a bit funny.

Check out some of these great photos of other people's gardens from this week and share some of your own in the gardening flickr group.

What's growing in your garden this week?

Each Friday I share photos from our garden with an update about what we're doing, what's growing, and what we're eating.  I invite you to come play along, I love seeing what others are trying.  You can join the fun in 3 ways:
  • If you blog, I welcome you to write a post or share a post from that week about what's growing in your garden
  • If you aren't a blogger, I invite you to join my gardening flickr group and share photos of your garden from this week - I will try to grab a few photos each week to share on my post.  Please include the date, a general location and your name so I can give you the proper credit.
  • And last - if you don't want to blog or share photos, just follow along and check out all the links and photos and maybe share a comment with your own gardening experience from the week

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