Friday, August 2, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I think it might just be possible that I planted too many beans on my bean teepee this year.  The vines are so thick that it takes some serious searching to find those beans.  I'm waiting for the morning when I wake up to find my bean teepee in a giant heap on the ground.  I'm thinking maybe I went a bit overboard on the 'growing vertical' idea this year.

I am waiting quite impatiently for the tomatoes to ripen.  Next year I am going to remember  to plant some early varieties so I can stop drooling over all the beautiful photos of multicolored tomatoes I keep seeing everywhere.  Luckily the tomatillos are starting to come in and I've got some salsa verde and green chili planned for the next week or two.

The patty pan squash are the only ones looking good thanks to the vine borers taking over all my other squash.  Each year I am reminded of the importance of planting a diverse garden.  Last year our cucumbers failed due to scratching chickens but the squash were great.  This year the cucumbers are coming in faster than we can handle but the squash is a flop.  I feel for the folks who rely on a single crop for their livelihood and always wonder if this is truly the best way to farm.

Check out some of these great photos of other people's gardens from this week and share some of your own in the gardening flickr group.

What's growing in your garden this week?

Each Friday I share photos from our garden with an update about what we're doing, what's growing, and what we're eating.  I invite you to come play along, I love seeing what others are trying.  You can join the fun in 3 ways:
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  1. Wow, that is a lot of beans. Fingers crossed it stays up :)

  2. I linked up my post on a cucumber salad to use up some of our cukes. They are going crazy! It's our first year to plant them and I am very pleasantly surprised. I bet it would be hard to rely on only one crop because it's true that one year something can do horribly but the next year it can be amazing.

  3. Beautiful! I've done that with beans before, it's hard to believe just how big plants will get when they're full grown. Last year we picked several hundred pounds of summer squash, this year we got less than 10. But we got lots of melons and last year we didn't get any. I, also think it's a good reminder to diversify our gardens. Do you think you'll do the straw bale garden again?

    1. I don't think we'll try the straw bales again right away. We have a lot to do next year with our move, but maybe the year after..??