Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Backyard Farming Connection Hop #36

This weekend we took off for a few days to Vermont.  Driving through the fields of corn and cows I was reminded of the humble and tiny size of my own backyard.  And yet - at this time of year that little backyard is bursting full of green and growth.  If you missed Friday's post, I just started a new series call "How does your Garden Grow?" where you can link up and share posts and photos of your garden.  Please stop by and play along!

With early harvests already come in from the garden, it is already time to think about preserving some of the bounty.  This week's features are all about berries and preserving!

 From the Homestead Lady, Ways to Preserve Cherries

 For the second week in a row - this post from Schneider Peeps gives an easy quick look at Canning Berries.

From The Rural Economist  here's a post on making strawberry jam

I want to know what's happening, in your garden, on your homestead, in the barnyard, and in the kitchen.  Whatever is in your backyard farm and home, I would love to hear about it.

Each week I will share some of my favorite posts on the Backyard Farming Connection Facebook page.  And in case you haven't seen, I have a 'featured button' so if you've been featured in the past, grab a button.

For details on linking up visit the hop page.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my canning post. Berries are some of my favorite things to can because it's so easy and cheap to can them. Hopefully next year we'll have some strawberries to can.

    Thanks for hosting another great week.

    1. My pleasure Angi! So glad you link up each week.

  2. Thanks for hosting! My favorite post so far is the one from Black Fox Homestead. She made a pesto with carrot tops - sounds yummy! I added one about our white carrots (and red carrots) and our compost potatoes. See you next week!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting this week!