Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Farm Chit Chat Giveaway

Over the last few months I've been lucky to be a part of an ever revolving group of fellow bloggers over at Farm Chit Chat.  If you haven't visited this page, you will find a dedicated group of homesteaders and farmers sharing their experiences and expertise in an online community from around the country. 

These people inspire me everyday.

Recently we've gone through a few changes, including having to change our name and creating a new blog and Facebook page.  To celebrate we're having a huge giveaway (actually 2) of handmade and hand grown items and a few of our other favorite items.  I'm excited to share this giveaway with all of you and invite you to join in!

To see photos of all the amazing giveaway items, visit the official Farm Chit Chat Giveaway Page, or simply enter below!


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hatching Egg Giveaway

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love Farm Chit Chat. It is both fun and extremely helpful. I refer to Backyard Farming Connection and the Farm Chit Chat often for ideas and help in running The Micro Farm Project. Thanks for being a part of making it happen, and for the giveaways.

  2. My goodness Gretchen, you are so talented as so many things and now I see that painting is yet another!!! Such a beautiful chick picture. Do you sell any of your artwork anywhere, maybe on Etsy? I would love to see more. I am entering this second giveaway exclusively in hopes of winning your painting!

    1. Oh my - thank you! I do sell artwork although I haven't spent much time painting lately since it involves large chunks of uninterrupted time, so I am not selling anything at the moment. I'm hoping to get back into it as my youngest gets just a bit older. You can see some more paintings here: