Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Backyard Farming Connection Hop #28

With spring here, it seems like everyday there are new pockets of green, color, and (yes already) bugs.  To help get the garden and yard space ready for the growing season, the chickens have been getting lots of extra free-ranging around the yard to gobble up some of those bugs, peck at a few weeds, and of course poop.  This week's posts are all wonderful examples of how to give those feathered peckers a little extra love!

From Farmhouse 38 - make your own Scarecrow Hawk Deterrent

From Timber Creek, consider trying some Chicken Gardening this year.

 I want to know what's happening, in your garden, on your homestead, in the barnyard, and in the kitchen.  Whatever is in your backyard farm and home, I would love to hear about it.

Each week I will share some of my favorite posts on the Backyard Farming Connection Facebook page.  And in case you haven't seen, I have a 'featured button' so if you've been featured in the past, grab a button.

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  1. Good morning Gretchen! Thank you for hosting and have a great week.