Friday, February 22, 2013

Homeskills Link Up

Over the last several months, I've been posting animal specific link ups for people to share their knowledge and thoughts on raising a variety of different backyard animals.  If you missed linking up, you can visit the Animal page and share your knowledge there.  These link ups will remain on my site permanently as a way for people to find great, first hand information.

This week I'm sharing a series of link ups pertaining to homesteading/backyard farming skills.  Just like the animal link ups, these will stay on the site permanently, and will be available for people looking for specific topics, so dig back into your archives or share recent posts here.  You may link up to 10 posts on the topics below.  Please link back to the Backyard Farming Connection somewhere on your page.

By posting, you are giving me permission to feature your post from my site or on Facebook and share your photos there (this will only be done by crediting you with any and all information or photos, and is only a way to better share your articles).  You can also see my link up page for more information.  Starting this spring I will be featuring some of these posts on my blog.

So take a few minutes and share your posts by visiting each of the topics below!

Share your made by hand items by uploading photos here.


  1. Please add beekeeping to the list. I am a new beekeeper and I am always looking for tips from veterans. Thanks

    1. You can find the beekeeping link up under the animals section here -