Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homestead Highlight: Snooks

My greatest inspiration in my own backyard farming adventure has been to hear the experiences of others. I invite you to read along here as Homesteaders share their adventures and experiences from their own farms, backyards, and homes.
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Today I welcome Snooks to this space
Hi there! I am Snooks, wife to a really good guy who spoils me often and Mom to an awesome boy who effectively stole my heart the day he was born. I love living life in the country and all of the experiences that come with it. We are excited about taking steps to make our run-of-the-mill back yard into our back yard farm. Something that we have been working towards for a few years. Stop by and visit us at 3 Breeze Homestead or our Facebook page.

How long have we been back yard farming?

My husband and I are no strangers to this idea of back yard farming. Having both grown up in families where canning, gardening and chickens were a part of life. So the know how has always been there. It was being able to put ourselves in a place where we could take action. We started this adventure about 8 years ago. Happy to be able to put our know how to good use. The process hasn't gone as fast as we would like it to. But as they say "all good things take time."
What got us started?
The pursuit of going back to living the country life and resurrecting old family traditions. The need for a more simple and stress free lifestyle. Realizing the importance of teaching and sharing this lifestyle with our son.

Where is our little place and what does it look like?

Our little homestead is located in the wheat fields and wine country of Southeastern Washington. We sit on almost a half acre corner lot at the edge of Small Town USA. We have a good size garden plot that likes to grow tomatoes, pumpkins, strawberries, raspberries, string beans and zucchini. We have grown lots of other plants as well but these seem to do the best. Our bumper crop is weeds, every year in both our vegetable garden and the flower gardens. We have Poplar trees lining the farm fence at one end of the yard, a few Oak trees and some Mountain Ash trees scattered in the yard and one ancient pine tree that stands tall and proud at the corner of our lot. We have a nice little coop with a fenced run that our 8 sweet hens roost in, 2 adventure ready dogs and 4 kitties for pest control. 

Biggest success and mistake?

Our biggest mistake is not doing this sooner.
Our biggest success is the building of our chicken coop and addition of the hens and farm fresh eggs!

Plans for the future?

Absolutely!! We have many plans. Will we get to them all? Probably not. But that is the fun part. Allowing our ideas to grow and change so that we can continue on this adventure of moving towards a more sustainable, simple and stress free lifestyle here in the country.


  1. Good things do take time, but looks like you are making great progress! We have lots of goals but have to remind ourselves that it will take time and we can't do everything we want as quickly as we'd like.

    I love your chicken coop! Looks like a log cabin :)

    1. Wouldn't it be so nice if we could do things as quickly as we see them in our minds. Thanks on the coop. Snooks @ 3Beeze Homestead

  2. Gretchen thanks so much for featuring 3Beeze here on your Homestead Highlights. This was a lot fun to do with you. I am also enjoying your blog and your ebook which is loaded with all sorts of great stuff and so many things I find we have in common. As well as keeping up with you on your facebook page as well. I posted the link to your blog on our Facebook page in hopes of sending others in your direction. Thank so much again.

  3. I would love to do more homesteading. I used to have a big vegetable garden until my husband died and it is hard to get someone to rototill a patch for me. I'm 70 and sold my big rototiller. It was too hard for me to handle. I'm thinking of getting a little Mantis. I did delve into having chickens last spring. I have 5 hens and they are giving me beautiful eggs. I have one square acre.