Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chickens and Coops: A Call for help

Today I am taking a one week break from my Homestead Highlight Series with a little something different.  I am really excited about some of the highlights coming up, so make sure you stop by over the next few weeks.

Actually, today I am asking for your help.  I am constantly looking for ways to build this blog and find ways to share here on the Backyard Farming Connection.  Starting today I am creating 2 new resources: a chicken breed photo gallery and a chicken coop photo gallery.  I'm hoping these will become resources for people looking for ideas on selecting breeds and building coops.  If these galleries work out, I am planning on adding sections on different animals as well.

You can help by sharing photos of different chicken breeds and coops in my flickr group.  If you aren't part of flickr, it is easy to join and you can simply upload your photos to the groups below.  Each week starting this spring, I will share some new photos from flickr in this space.  Follow the links to the flickr groups below!

Chicken Breeds

Chicken Coops, brooders, etc

By sharing your photos in one of these you are giving the Backyard Farming Connection permission to use your photo on this site or Facebook.

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