Friday, November 16, 2012

Permanent Raising Chickens Link Up

If you are at all interested in raising your own food and backyard farming, you’ve likely heard that a good place to start is by raising chickens.   Keeping chickens is such a hot topic these days that it seems like there’s a new how-to book popping up daily and so many wonderful sites full of information and ideas to get you started. 

See chicken posts from the Backyard Farming Connection here.

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If you want to share your own posts here, visit the Homestead Resource Guide information page, for specific information and remember you may link up to 10 posts per person.  So post now and come back and post more later.


  1. Awesome idea, Gretchen! I linked up my post on what chickens do at night to get ready for "bed" :) I'll be back in later to link up more!

  2. Love the forever link up. I will definitely be back to read and link more. ♥