Thursday, November 1, 2012

November to do List

In the Workshop
  • start repairing toboggan
  • build lean to for hay and insulation alongside coop
In the Home
  • make some cheese
  • start knitting solstice gifts for children
  • come up with homemade gift list for Holidays
  •  finish clearing the last of the vegetables
  • paint the exterior of nest boxes
  • add insulation and get coop ready for winter
  • pick out new chicken breeds for the spring
  • trim hooves for the first time
What is on your to do list this month?


  1. We definitely need to clear out the last of our vegetables as well. A few tomatoes are still ripening on the vine somehow, but soon enough they will stop. We also need to clean out the chicken coop and keet brooder (sweep up the cobwebs and dust). I just bought Christmas cards so that's off the list! But I'll be thinking about gifts and writing out a list.

  2. You and I were up at the same time this morning.....LOL

    CLEAN COOP... Boy its rather ripe in there

    Rake Leaves, but again I dont have to do it today as there still rather I'll wait until there dry.

    Starting on Homemade Holiday, other then some bought things for my children the rest homemade.
    I've managed to make some knitted items and now today I'll be starting my homemade Vanilla and homemade Orange cleaner. They'll have plenty of time to sit and take in all the aromas before assembly gifts together next month..

    Rabbit needs lots of brushing today, I have quite a pile of fiber, not enough to knit with so I'm making felted beads. Figuring the women in the family would love a nice bracelet for Christmas..The amount of angora that comes off of her is amazing...

    Working on a wooden beyblade arena table for my son. If you havent seen yet beyblades are just a glorified top. Both boys love changing them out and trying new battles with different tips. The arenas you buy at the store are rather small and cheaply made. We usually use the driveway, a wheel barrow and sometimes the bathtub for battles. I think it would be nice for him to have his very own table that has storage and a arena on top..

    Next is making a Lego table for my youngest, he's obsessed with building but often gets frustrated as he doesnt have anywhere to really display his designs. A lego table with the baseplates glued to the top would be a great way to keep his things tidy but an area he can call his own. The dog tends to claim legos so I can see the frustration in my son..

    What type of homemade gifts you making Gretchen? I can always use ideas...

    For the women: I'm doing a Crocheted Market bag and produce bags. I'll be making a homemade cleaner with knit washcloths. Homemade Vanilla, a scarf and bracelet...
    For the Men: Mike is getting a thats all I got so far...
    For my father in law: He reads a lot about 2-3 books a week. I think I may come up with some neat Bookmark that the boys can do..
    Why are men so tough?????

    1. Jen - You are WAY ahead of me on the gifts, I have good intentions, but I never start early enough! I think I'm going to try to keep it simpler this year for the kids. I love the idea of market bags - I think I'm going to steal it :) A lego table is also great. We aren't totally into legos yet, but the twins are very frustrated that Freja destroys everything they build.

      I would really like to get something knit for everyone. Men are much tougher. I tried to get Dave to let me make him a lunch bag to take to work - don't think I'll be doing that :)

      How much angora are you getting from the rabbit? How long before you could make something? Are you getting a lot because she's shedding or does this happen all year long?