Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homestead Highlight: Christy

My greatest inspiration in my own backyard farming adventure has been to hear the experiences of others. I invite you to read along here as Homesteaders share their adventures and experiences from their own farms, backyards, and homes.

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Today I welcome Christy to this space.

 You can follow along with Christy at Our Homestead Haven

By far, those who have inspired me most are those that have gone on before me. Homesteading pioneers of all sorts make up my family genealogy. My father's mother raised 10 children on a homestead, her husband dying suddenly. She grew her on food, raised her own animals, made all her children's clothing and quilts. On my mother's side, my grandmother's family were artisan basket weavers. They supported their families by creating beautiful baskets and selling them at a market. Their baskets were highly sought after. I am a “do it-yourselfer” by lineage and homesteading is just a natural fit.

Though we have always lived frugally, our actual homesteading adventure began only about a year ago. On my fifth trip to the grocery store in five days, I had just had it! We decided this wasn't the lifestyle for us. We were dependent on the grocery store for every little thing, and feeling terribly ill-prepared. We made some changes! We planted a serious fall garden and began chicken coop construction. I learned how to make bread and many other recipes “from scratch,” and vowed to be less dependent on processed foods. I admit, it's a continual challenge, for a family of 6, but it's one we willingly embrace.

We currently live on about two acres, part of which is a large pond. We own 25 acres in another county and will one day make the move to a larger homestead. We have peach trees, apple trees, raised garden beds full of goodies and our much loved chickens - we are patiently waiting on eggs!Eventually we would like to own goats for milk and would like to add more livestock in general! 

Thank you Christy!


  1. Another great story! Getting off processed foods is challenging, but the rewards are well worth it! So nice to see so many others striving towards self-sufficiency! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great feature! We are working to get away from the grocery store as much as possible, too. Eventually we'd like to be totally self-sufficient, but it is hard to do while working as well. But we're only a family of 2 so the fact that you are doing such an amazing job for a family of 6 is inspirational!

    Hope you get some eggs soon. Finding your first egg is an exciting and monumental occasion! It was for me, anyway ;) I still remember it like it was yesterday.