Thursday, November 15, 2012


When we think homesteading, it is easy to get excited and caught up with beautiful photos of gardens and animals: it's why we love to keep chickens, and grow apples, and harvest from our gardens.  While this is a big part of setting up and running your own homestead, much of the homesteading 'magic' happens inside the home (or if not inside the home, at least behind the scenes).  With so many of the skills in the home being replaced these days with machines, or services, or products, it is often hard to re-learn the skills that were passed down from generation to generation for centuries.  The idea that a person could simply know how to churn butter, knit, spin, knead, weave hats, and make cheese without a book, a reference, or a course, is simply astounding from our modern perspective.  But to fully embrace the homesteading life we must do and learn precisely those skills.

If you are interested in Homesteading, you likely already know at least some of the skills to get you started. For many people, they learned a basic knit stitch somewhere along the way, or acquired a sewing machine, or perhaps grew up baking.  Over the coming weeks and months I plan to share some of the Home Skills I practice here in my own home.  If you have any expertise I invite you to stop in and share your knowledge by commenting, quest posting, or simply adding your thoughts.  I've also started a Made By Hand Corner where you can add items and ideas you've made with your own hands in a flickr page (you can find this link on the right sidebar), and just created a community Pinterest board to highlight ideas.

Before we embrace the ideas of modern homesteading, it's time to reach back and relearn the skills we need.

What are the most important homeskills you know or would like to learn?


  1. This is a great idea! I would like to learn more about canning and preserving food. I know a little bit, but not enough to feel comfortable doing it on my own.

  2. Looking forward to this! I'm holding my breath waiting for a new sewing machine (should be here tomorrow!) that I hope will take my skills in that area to a new level. I love woodworking and just got an old band saw on craigslist for some ideas that are rattling around in my brain. Can't wait to learn some new things from you.