Friday, October 19, 2012

Home Brew, Wine Making, etc

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  1. My husband and I love to make wine and occasionally brew beer. Beer takes an entire day, once or twice a year happening here at the farm. We are in the process of growing more fruit trees for our wine and berries are spreading wonderfully. Its nice not to have to drive all over the county for fruit. Especially Elderberries and Blackberries. Two really easy berries to get going. Make sure you try unusual wine recipes! Watermellon goes over great, some like the fall Pumpkin wine. Corn wasnt very popular. LOL. Make friends with a good supplier that will help you with wine or brewing questions! My favorite last year was our tame Blackberries. So sweet and big berries.

    1. We've brewed beer for years, but wine is next on our list. Thanks for these tips! We've got some fruit growing this year, so hopefully can try something unusual - I would love to try Elderberry.