Sunday, September 30, 2012


Welcome to my brand new blog!  I'm so excited to start this space as an area where we can share, learn, and connect about backyard farming and homesteading.  Since we moved to our home 18 months ago we've stumbled through raising chickens, building gardens, maintaining a bee hive, and most recently raising 2 goats.  The more we embrace this lifestyle, the more we realize we still have so much to learn. 

Armed with good intentions, I often jump headfirst into new projects.  I usually embark with a few good books, the useful reach of the internet, and just enough knowledge to keep our homestead moving forward.  In the short time we've considered ourselves backyard farmers, our bees have swarmed, our chickens have scratched up most of our seedlings, our goats have escaped, and oh so many of our crops have simply failed.  Yet what happens in our backyard is nothing short of miraculous.  Despite ignorance, we've eaten homegrown, pesticide free food, collected our own eggs, and wallowed in the joy of simply growing things. Together.

I have really big thoughts of what I want for this blog, and lots of ideas, which I'm sure will only grow and shift as I move forward.  One of the most important pieces is your voice.  I want to hear from you. I want to know that the movement all around me of moving closer to the land is truly infecting other people.  I invite you to share here opening, honestly, and as much as you can, and I will try to provide ways to do this.  You can start by joining my weekly Backyard Farming Connection Hop, submitting an idea for a guest post, or commenting here or on Facebook.  Please let your voice be heard!


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